The SIGNI card Romail, Helmet Armor

SIGNI (シグニ Shiguni) is one of the card types in the WIXOSS TCG. They are summoned spirits that support their LRIG by attacking the opposing LRIG and their SIGNIs or using abilities.

According to card lore, SIGNIs are the representative manifestation of the LRIG's experiences.

During the Up Phase, all currently downed SIGNI are moved to up, unless frozen.

During the Ener Phase, in lieu of sending a card from hand to the Ener Zone, players may move 1 SIGNI from their field to the Ener Zone instead.

During the Main Phase, SIGNIs may be summoned into one of three unoccupied SIGNI Zone or moved from the SIGNI Zone to the Trash, as many times as the turn player wants. SIGNI Action abilities may also be activated during this phase.

During the Attack Phase, SIGNIs may attack by downing themselves. Downed SIGNI cannot attack. SIGNIs attack before the LRIG and cannot attack after the LRIG attacks. When attacking, SIGNIs must attack the opposing SIGNI in front of them. If there is an opposing SIGNI, the result of the battle between the two SIGNI are determined by their Power. If there is no opposing SIGNI, the attack crushes one of the opponent's Life Cloth, this cannot be Guarded. If there are no Life Cloth when attacking to crush, the attacking player wins.

Parts of a SIGNIEdit


  • Located in the top-right corner.
  • Determines the color of the SIGNI card.
  • Determines what color of Ener is given when in the ener zone.


  • Located in the top-left corner.
  • SIGNI of a higher level than the player's currently active LRIG cannot be summoned. Otherwise, SIGNI of equal or lower level than the player's currently active LRIG can be summoned.
  • The total-sum level of all summoned SIGNI cannot be higher than the limit of the player's currently active LRIG.

Limit ConsumptionEdit

  • Located in the top-left corner, under the level. Only appears on a few SIGNI cards.
  • A SIGNI with limit consumption takes up that much of your LRIG's limit, regardless of its level.


  • Located in the bottom-left corner.
  • Determines the battle result between two opposing SIGNI.
  • If the attacking SIGNI's power is equal to or higher than the defending SIGNI's Power, the defending SIGNI is banished.
  • If the attacking SIGNI's power is less than the defending SIGNI's power, nothing happens.
  • Has no ability on Life Cloth when crushing.
  • When a SIGNI's power reaches 0 or less, it is banished.


  • Located in the center-right.
  • Divides SIGNIs into separate classifications. They are not mutually exclusive of each other, and you can have multiple SIGNI classes in a deck.
  • SIGNIs in same classes often have similar styles of abilities, as well as having abilities that benefits other SIGNIs of the same class.

Limiting ConditionEdit

  • Located in the center-left.
  • Like ARTS and spells, some SIGNIs are restricted and only usable by certain LRIG Types.
  • However, Life Bursts are still able to be activated despite different LRIG Types/Restrictions.


  • If present, will be shown in the textbox of the card.
  • Like LRIG, SIGNI may have abilities, and their use is similar.

Life BurstEdit

  • If present, will be located along the bottom of the textbox, below the ability if present.
  • Its ability can only be activated when crushed from the Life Cloth, not when banished.


  • According to the 17th issue of Card Gamer, producer Yamaguchi said SIGNI means "signature." It refers to the experiences of the LRIG, which are recorded, leaving a "signature."
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