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  • Cerberusyuri

    A while ago i started playing Wixoss, looking for where i could play with friends cause its sadly not that easy to get the cards where i'm from, and its even harder to havve friends closeby to play, …

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  • IcyDevil34

    Next Key LRIGs?

    September 20, 2018 by IcyDevil34

    what if more LRIGs came to key select. If they did which characters do you think it would be? Comment whether or not you think the LRIGs would change colours or what SIGNI type they would use.

    Which …

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  • Stardustdragon123

    So I found these on the official WIXOSS Twitter after watching the final episode of conflated.

    Interesting to see these now since the Selector Battles are over, only seemingly for good this time. What…

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A Girl prayed to fulfill her wish.
Scattered strange gene "wixoss"
all around the world fusion into one form.
Searching in vain for a fight...
Victory will be the only way for her
wish to revolutionalize.
Now, shall her "Wish Across" be conquered.

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WIXOSS (ウィクロス U~ikurosu) is a Japanese media franchise comprised of several parts:

The aim of this wiki is to record every card associated with the WIXOSS TCG, and to summarize all information pertaining to the various WIXOSS anime series and manga. Help and contributions are always welcome!

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WIXOSS (ウィクロス U~ikurosu) is a Japanese collectible card game published and developed by Takara Tomy.

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