WXK-D03 Green Tentacle
Set Gallery Gallery
Release Date April 26, 2018
Color(s) Green
LRIG Midoriko
Key Selection Key Yes
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WXK-D02 Blue Catharsis WXK-D04 Black Direct

WXK-D03 Green Tentacle is the twenty-sixth pre-constructed deck of the WIXOSS TCG.

It includes a key card and green Apparition SIGNI.

Card ListEdit

No Card Name Qty Color Type Level
WDK03-001 Midoriko, Bond Girl Type Four 1 Green LRIG 4
WDK03-002 Midoriko, Golden Combat Girl Type Three 1 Green LRIG 3
WDK03-003 Midoriko, Golden Girl Type Two 1 Green LRIG 2
WDK03-004 Midoriko, Golden Girl Type One 1 Green LRIG 1
WDK03-005 Midoriko, Combat Girl 1 Green LRIG 0
WDK03-006 Hanayo, Acting in Perfect Harmony 1 Red Key -
WDK03-007 Realization of a Great Ambition 1 Green ARTS -
WDK03-008 Circle of Transmigration 1 Green ARTS -
WDK03-009 Cleared of All Charges 1 Green ARTS -
WDK03-010 Phantom Garden 1 Colorless ARTS -
WDK03-011 Peter, Phantom Apparition 4 Green SIGNI 4
WDK03-012 Nekomusu, Phantom Apparition 4 Green SIGNI 4
WDK03-013 Nurikabe, Phantom Apparition 4 Green SIGNI 3
WDK03-014 Tinbell, Phantom Apparition 4 Green SIGNI 3
WDK03-015 Ittanmomen, Phantom Apparition 4 Green SIGNI 2
WDK03-016 Goblin, Phantom Apparition 4 Green SIGNI 1
WDK03-017 Kyuuso, Phantom Apparition 4 Green SIGNI 1
WDK03-018 Servant D4 4 Colorless SIGNI 2
WDK03-019 Servant O 4 Colorless SIGNI 1
WDK03-020 Connection 4 Green Spell -


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